Personal care

Your trained and respectful personal carer can assist you to look and feel your best.

We can provide assistance with: 

  • bathing
  • dressing and grooming
  • medication 
  • remaining physically active - we can go for a stroll with you or connect you with local walking groups
  • transport and errands, such as shopping, banking, getting to the gym or pool – we can help you get out and about or set you up to manage tasks from home.

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‘It's a reliable, helpful and friendly service, everyone has been so organised and cheerful. It's made my life easier.’

Andreas, In-home support client


‘People genuinely treat the people here like they’re their own family – like their mothers, fathers, grandparents, it’s nice, it’s home.’

Michael, Team leader


‘I just love the people and seeing everyone’s smiling faces really makes my day. They are great company and I am really enjoying myself.’

Ann, Brotherhood Aged Care volunteer 


‘They're just very good people and they get on to things straight away - they won't let them linger’

Randall, In-home support client


‘Having the ability to be able to build long lasting relationships with our clients really does matter, you give a bit of your heart and I'm glad that at Brotherhood Aged Care we get the chance to do that.’

Alice, Client Advisor


‘I think the staff here enjoy what they're doing and they're proud. They've been the best support.’

Margaret, wife and carer


‘The group offers a lot of camaraderie. We have a lot of fun and laugh. Because dementia is a very strange thing to wade your way through.’

David, Younger Onset Dementia client


‘The other day I needed a new microwave –Michelle (Client Advisor) came here, unpacked it, made sure it worked properly and put little stickers on it so that I knew which buttons to press. She is good like that, she understands the needs of vision impaired people like me.’

Wilma, In-home Support client


‘To see the relief in their face when they know that they don’t have to deal with those problems on their own. That we are here to help. That’s really rewarding.’

Michelle, Client Advisor


‘They are like family and mum's life is so much better because of their support’

Cheryl, daughter of client


‘They keep me in the picture all of the time. My Client Advisor is in touch with me regularly and offering me any services that are available and might be suitable for me. It makes a tremendous difference and I wouldn’t know where to begin without their help’  

Maria, In-home support client


‘I owe a lot to Alice (Client Advisor) She suggests things such as the Singing for Wellness program and I always say no at first. Then I think on it and realise that she is right, it is good for me to have a break too. I’m a juggler you see, I juggle caring for husband, the gardening, my handcrafted rug and seeing my friends. These lessons make me appreciate my free time’

Alison, In-home support client and carer

Image of a man on a ladder fixing a roof

Home maintenance

As well as keeping on top of regular house cleaning we can assist you with the more difficult tasks every home needs now and again.
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Image of a hand in an oven mitt pulling a baked dish out of an oven

Good Food Matters

If you need some assistance preparing food, or want to get your confidence back in the kitchen, Good Food Matters can help.
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Image of two men wearing aprons and preparing food together

Dementia Care

We can provide support, assistance and advice with dementia care.
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Image of clients receiving help with iPads

Digital Training

If you are not confident with technology but are keen to learn, we can assist.
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Image of a white car driving on a road


We can assist with arranging transport to appointments, social events or outings so you can get out and about as much as you want.
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Image of a man bowling while others look on

Day respite (in-centre)

You’ll find companionship and enjoyable activities and outings at our activities hubs.
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Image of a carer and client preparing tea

Respite Care (in-home)

Our qualified personal care workers can provide respite care at home or while accompanying you to an activity or outing of your choice.
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Elderly recipient of day and respite care enjoys a conversation with her carer

Overnight respite

Enjoy hotel-like accommodation with delicious and nutritious home cooked meals, social activities and outings, and a comfortable bed.
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Image of a wrist being bandaged


We’re here to provide any basic medical care you may need. Our highly qualified and friendly nurses can provide you with assistance.
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Image of a woman walking towards a man at his house

Occupational Therapy

If you experience a change in your health that requires tweaks to your lifestyle and household we can help you with this.
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Image of clients lifting weights

Physiotherapy/Exercise physiology

Our trained professionals can work with you as often as is needed to help rebuild your body’s strength and flexibility.
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Two people looking at bills

Financial services

We can assist you in navigating through the many different financial options and solutions available to you.
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Image of a client holding a tabby cat

Pet Care

We can support you to care for your pet, including feeding, walking, providing access to veterinary or grooming services, and temporary accommodation.
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Image of soap and wash towel

Personal care

Your trained and respectful personal carer can assist you to look and feel your best.
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Image of a man doing garden work

Garden care

Our gardening professionals can do as much or as little as you’d like – you can oversee or join in.
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Image of a man bowling

Out and about

If you’d like to get out and about we can assist with organising for you to attend social outings based on your interests.
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Image of a kitchen being cleaned


You tell us what needs doing around the home and we’ll work with you to get it done.
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An Advisor helping an elderly woman with bills

Client advisory services

An Advisor will take the time to get to know you well, and create a plan that supports you in remaining happy, healthy and safe at home.
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Whatever your needs, our experts can talk you through all of your options.

Remember, you can still access a range of Brotherhood Aged Care services even if you are not yet assessed, currently on the waiting list or ineligible for a Home Care Package.

So, get in touch today and we’ll help find a solution that’s right for you.