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Brotherhood of St. Laurence Aged Care COVID-19 Response

Brotherhood of St. Laurence (BSL) Aged Care is committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of our staff, our residents, our clients and their families. We are doing all that is required as mandated by health authorities, plus a range of additional measures to help stop the spread of the virus. 

We understand that COVID-19 can be threatening for older people, those with disability and younger people with compromised immune systems or other health conditions. We also know that your loved one’s care is essential, and we are committed to supporting you in every way we can.

To meet that commitment, we are undertaking a broad range of actions across all of our aged care programs and services to keep you, your loved ones, our staff and volunteers safe. We know that information and advice is rapidly changing and we constantly monitor the situation and follow the advice from the Department of Health.

Some of the key actions we are taking:

Residential Aged Care

All our residents are now safely in our new Clifton Hill aged care facility.

We are strictly limiting all access to the facility. If a visitor is given permission to enter, a very detailed entry protocol applies, including temperature checks and an entry induction.

All our staff are trained on how best to guard against and respond to outbreaks and we’re working with health authorities to constantly review and update infection control procedures to ensure the facility is safe and our residents are well cared for.

Temperature checks are also conducted on all staff before they commence work.

None of our staff are working at other aged care homes. 

Care at home

All our Care at Home staff, from case managers to personal care attendants, have received infection control training.

Our personal care attendants, who visit many of you or your loved ones at home, have received additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to increase safety.

Personal care attendants have also been given additional training on how best to guard against and respond to outbreaks and we’re working with health authorities to constantly review and update infection control procedures, advise on how to stay safe, and the correct use of PPE.

Our personal care attendants have also been provided with disinfectant wipes for use in their cars.

Additional information

How to stay safe during COVID-19 – Stopping the spread

Practice good hygiene:

Washing hands icon.

wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and water

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cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your elbow

Bin incon

put used tissues straight into the bin and wash your hands with soap

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avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

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clean and disinfect frequently used surfaces and objects

Fan air icon.

increase fresh air indoors

Keep your distance:

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Domestic Assistance

Get the support you need around your home to keep it just the way you like it.

Some of the everyday tasks we can assists with are:

  • Washing, ironing, mopping or vacuuming.
  • Changing the sheets, folding and putting your clothes away or assisting with odd jobs.
  • House cleaning to help keep essential living areas tidy and safe.
  • Shopping – flexible shopping options such as a support worker shopping with you, going to the shops while you stay at home or providing assistance with organising online shopping and home delivery.
  • Sorting and organising – we can help you organise your home to maximise safety and comfort.

Community Connection

Supporting you in getting out and about to stay connected. From social clubs and outings to interesting hobbies and pastimes your Home Care Package can enable you to pursue things that are meaningful to you. Staying connected to the community is integral to maintaining physical and mental wellbeing. If you’re feeling isolated or lonely, our team can check-in on you regularly to offer companionship and make sure you’re well. Some of the options include:

  • Attend a group outing
  • Visiting your local park, gardens or beach
  • Visiting your friends and family
  • Going out for a meal with friends
  • Joining a social group
  • Joining a class or course
  • Getting to an appointment
  • Day trips

Diet and Nutrition

Assistance with meal preparation and one-on-one support to increase confidence and skills with cooking. We also provide access to a wide variety of meal delivery services. Support with individual dietary needs required by health, cultural, religious or other reasons is also available.