Research and advocacy

We work to ensure all older Australians have the capabilities to enjoy a decent quality of later life.

About research and advocacy

This is an important goal for communities and governments alike.

In a policy context of stretched health and welfare budgets, the greatest burden must not fall on the most vulnerable individuals or groups.

Our research work considers reforms to the tax and transfer system to benefit older Australians at risk of poverty, and policies to overcome disadvantage of older workers in the labour market.

We will also examine the impact of aged care reforms, especially the marketisation of care, on those living on low incomes or those with limited family support.

Current research 

Our research includes a study of the effects of regulation on aged care services for people with cognitive decline.

In addition, we are exploring the importance of social connection and social capital in maintaining the quality of people’s lives, with specific attention to the concept of age-friendly cities and enabling people to engage in a digitised society.

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